Crafter Information & Policies

Handmade Originals Only

ALL WORK MUST BE THE ORIGINAL WORK OF THE ARTIST. Unacceptable items include wholesale, brokered, merchandise mart, or imported items, no factory-made items, ready-made kits, franchised, seconds, and commercially produced items. Food items for sale at the fair must be packaged and sealed, samples may be made available for taste test only. Food items for consumption on the premises must be sold at designated concession sites only. Nonprofit spaces are available.

Please be specific on your application. Please give a brief description of all “original handcrafted” crafts sold on the application form. Exclusivity of craft(s) is not granted, however, some crafts may be limited due to the number of “like” applications received.

Booth Space
9′x8′ booth spaces are located inside the Pavilion and placed side-by-side, visible from the front. Electricity is available we ask that you please bring your own heavy duty extension cords. Crafters are responsible for their own set up, tables and chairs will be provided. Exhibitors are responsible for their own trash. Crafters may not leave their booth to solicit sales or distribute information. Due to close proximity of booths, crafters must conduct business and contain goods within assigned booth space — no expansion outside the 9′x8′ area. Crafters may rent additional space if needed.

Advance registration is required and deadlines vary for each of the three shows. Two artists may share a booth and booth fee. No more than two artists may share a booth space. You can get a discounted rate on the next year’s show if you pay the application fee no later than the last day of this year’s show.

Space Requests
Spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, taking into consideration the types of crafts and the number of years a crafter has participated. We make every effort to place exhibitors in requested areas or as close as possible.

Cancellations and Waiting Lists
Cancellations must be made in writing 6 months prior to the event date to receive a refund.  Cancellations 6 months or later will result in no refund. Once booth assignments are made, a waiting list will be established. If cancellations occur, we will contact the first person on the waiting list, and so on.

No Show — No Refund
All space assignments are final. We will strive to maintain a balance of exhibitors. Any booths not claimed by 8:00am on day of the show may be reassigned to waiting crafters. Refunds will not be made for “no shows.”

Sales Tax
Crafters are responsible for collecting and submitting the appropriate sales tax. For tax information, contact the Missouri Department of Revenue.

City of Lee’s Summit sales tax, currently 7.725 percent (sales tax is subject to change). Tax charts are included in your packet during set-up.

Be advised that our craft shows have specific dates for events and events are not canceled due to inclement weather and no refunds are made. However, if weather creates a safety issue we reserve the right to terminate or postpone the event. 

Unloading and Dismantling
Our shows are held on Fridays and Saturdays.  Set-up is from noon-8pm the Thursday before the show and from 8am – 9am on Friday.  All set-ups must be completed by 9:30am. Plan to remain at the show during the specified hours.  Dismantling early will be noted, and may constitute being excluded from the following year’s show. Your area must be cleared of all construction material and trash before you leave. Once you have completed set-up, please move your vehicle to the parking lot north of the pavilion to allow plenty of space for our customers to park.

Other specific Rules and Regulations will be handed out during set up.


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